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Shakeel Roy On Saturday, February 5, 2011

Latest Prices Of Cars in Pakistan

 Here you will find latest prices of cars in Pakistan. Prices are updated monthly. Find rates of hona, toyota, suzuki and imported cars and jeeps.

HONDA  PRICE   Updated On
CITY Manual Tranmission 1.3 L  Rs. 870,000   28-FEB-2008
CITY VARIO 1.3 L  Rs. 925,000   28-FEB-2008
CITY VTEC Steermatic 1.5 L  Rs. 1,055,000   28-FEB-2008
CIVIC i-VTEC Manual Transmission  Rs. 1,380,000   28-FEB-2008
CIVIC i-VTEC Prosmatec Transmission  Rs. 1,420,000   28-FEB-2008
CIVIC VTi Oriel - Manual Transmission  Rs. 1,515,000   28-FEB-2008
CIVIC VTi Oriel - Prosmatec Transmission  Rs. 1,555,000   28-FEB-2008
Accord 2.4 i-VTEC  Rs. 2,799,000   17-MAR-2008

TOYOTA  PRICE   Updated On
Corolla XLI 1.3L  Rs. 950,000   30-APR-2008
Hilux 4x2 D/S  Rs. 1,019,000   30-APR-2008
Corolla GLI 1.3L  Rs. 1,040,000   30-APR-2008
Hilux 4x2 U/S  Rs. 1,059,000   30-APR-2008
Corolla 2.OD  Rs. 1,114,000   30-APR-2008
Corolla 2.0D SE  Rs. 1,235,000   30-APR-2008
Altis M/T1.8 Petrol  Rs. 1,355,000   30-APR-2008
Corolla 2.OD Saloon  Rs. 1,405,000   30-APR-2008
Corolla Altis Sports M/T  Rs. 1,407,000   30-APR-2008
Altis A/T1.8 Petrol  Rs. 1,445,000   30-APR-2008
Corolla Altis Sports A/T  Rs. 1,496,000   30-APR-2008
Altis M/T With Sunroof  Rs. 1,709,000   19-AUG-2008

Toyota  PRICE   Updated On
2.0D Saloon with Sunroof  Rs. 1,729,000   19-AUG-2008

TOYOTA  PRICE   Updated On
Altis A/T with Sunroof  Rs. 1,799,000   19-AUG-2008
Hilux 4x4 D/C F/L  Rs. 2,650,000   17-MAR-2008
Camry M/T 2400 CC Petrol  Rs. 2,999,000   30-APR-2008
CamryA/T 2400 CC Petrol  Rs. 3,099,000   30-APR-2008

New Prices of Paksuzuki Vehicles    Product Price including SED + ST & FED w.e.f

Mehran VX 377,000 
Mehran VX (M) 382,000 
Mehran VXR 424,000 
Mehran VXR (M) 429,000 
Mehran VX CNG 423,000 
Mehran VX CNG (M) 428,000 
Mehran VXR CNG 469,000 
Mehran VXR CNG (M) 474,000 
ALTO VX 516,000 
ALTO VX (M) 521,000 
ALTO VXR 563,000 
ALTO VXR (M) 568,000 
ALTO VX CNG 567,000 
ALTO VX CNG (M) 572,000 
ALTO VXR CNG 615,000 
ALTO VXR CNG (M) 620,000 
Cultus VXR  707,000 
Cultus VXR (M) 712,000 
Cultus VXL  770,000 
Cultus VXL (M) 775,000 
Cultus VXR CNG 749,000 
Cultus VXR CNG (M) 754,000 
Cultus VXL CNG 824,000 
Cultus VXL CNG (M) 829,000 
PICKUP  378,000 
PICKUP CNG 426,000 
VAN VTR 431,000 
VAN VTR GL 491,000 
VAN VTR GL (M) 496,000 
VAN VTR CNG 483,000 
VAN VTR GL CNG 540,000 
VAN VTR GL CNG (M) 545,000 
LIANA 1.3L RXI  MT 931,000 
LIANA 1.3L RXI  MT CNG 1,005,000 
LIANA 1.3L LXI  MT 995,000 
LIANA 1.3L LXI CNG 1,065,000 
LIANA 1.6L Eminent AT 1,070,000 
APV 1.5L GLX MT 1,370,000
APV 1.5L GLX CNG 1,425,000
JIMNY MT 1,420,000
JIMNY JLSX MT 1,215,000
JIMNY JLDX MT 1,310,000

JOY  Rs. 529,000   30-APR-2008
JOY CNG  Rs. 565,000   30-APR-2008
Aveo LT - M/T  Rs. 960,000   17-MAR-2008
Aveo LT - M/T with ABS and Airbag  Rs. 1,025,000   30-APR-2008
Aveo LT - A/T with ABS and Airbag  Rs. 1,099,000   30-APR-2008
OPTRA SE  Rs. 1,154,000   30-APR-2008
OPTRA LS M/T  Rs. 1,249,000   30-APR-2008
OPTRA LS A/T  Rs. 1,329,000   30-APR-2008
Colorado - MT (Without Accessories)  Rs. 2,470,000   30-APR-2008
Colorado - MT (With Accessories)  Rs. 2,595,000   30-APR-2008

Cuore CL  Rs. 423,000   30-APR-2008
Cuore CL CNG  Rs. 466,000   30-APR-2008
Cuore CX  Rs. 486,000   30-APR-2008
Cuore CX Met  Rs. 491,000   8-MAY-2008
Cuore CX A/T  Rs. 517,000   8-MAY-2008
Cuore AT CX Met  Rs. 522,000   8-MAY-2008
Cuore CX CNG  Rs. 527,000   8-MAY-2008
Cuore CX CNG Met  Rs. 532,000   8-MAY-2008

Santro Prime  Rs. 614,000   3-JUL-2008
Santro Club  Rs. 634,000   3-JUL-2008
Shehzore Pickup H-100  Rs. 649,000   24-JUL-2007
Santro Prime GV  Rs. 654,000   3-JUL-2008
Shehzore Pickup H-100 (Deckles)  Rs. 669,000   24-JUL-2007
Santro Club-GV CNG  Rs. 674,000   3-JUL-2008
Santro “EXEC”  Rs. 704,000   3-JUL-2008
Santro “EXEC”  Rs. 704,000   3-JUL-2008
Santro EXEC GV CNG  Rs. 754,000   3-JUL-2008
Sonata (M/T) 2.4L DOHC  Rs. 1,799,000   17-MAR-2008
Sonata (A/T) 2.4L DOHC  Rs. 1,899,000   17-MAR-2008
Coupe (M/T) 2.0L DOHC  Rs. 2,399,000   17-MAR-2008
Coupe (A/T) 2.0L DOHC  Rs. 2,499,000   17-MAR-2008
Terracan (M/T) 2.9L CRDI  Rs. 3,149,000   17-MAR-2008
Terracan (A/T) 2.9L CRDI  Rs. 3,349,000   17-MAR-2008

KIA  PRICE   Updated On
PICANTO EX M/T (1.1L)  Rs. 759,000   17-MAR-2008
PICANTO EX A/T (1.1L)  Rs. 839,000   17-MAR-2008
RIO EX M/T (1.4L)  Rs. 999,000   17-MAR-2008
SPORTAGE LX M/T (2.0L 4x4)  Rs. 2,249,000   17-MAR-2008
SPORTAGE LX A/T (2.0L 4x4)  Rs. 2,399,000   17-MAR-2008
SPORTAGE EX A/T (2.0L 4x4)  Rs. 2,649,000   17-MAR-2008

Defender 90 Cabriolet 2.5TD w/o A/c & Stereo  Rs. 2,148,000   10-APR-2007
Defender 90 Hard-top 2.5TD with A/c & Stereo  Rs. 2,269,430   10-APR-2007
Defender 110 hadrtop 2.5TD with A/c & Stereo  Rs. 2,435,233   10-APR-2007
Discovery III V6 2.7 Diesel S  Rs. 5,500,000   10-APR-2007
Discovery III V6 2.7 Diesel SE  Rs. 5,800,000   10-APR-2007
Discovery III V6 4.0L SE  Rs. 5,900,000   10-APR-2007
Discovery III V8 4.4L SE  Rs. 6,100,000   10-APR-2007
Discovery III V6 2.7 Diesel HSE  Rs. 6,200,000   10-APR-2007
Discovery III V6 4.0L HSE  Rs. 6,300,000   10-APR-2007
Range Rover Sport V6 2.7L TD S  Rs. 6,500,000   10-APR-2007
Discovery III V8 4.4L HSE  Rs. 6,500,000   10-APR-2007
Range Rover Sport V8 4.4L SE  Rs. 6,700,000   10-APR-2007
Range Rover Sport V6 2.7L TD SE  Rs. 6,700,000   10-APR-2007
Range Rover Sport V6 2.7L HSE  Rs. 7,500,000   10-APR-2007
Range Rover Sport V8 4.4L HSE  Rs. 7,500,000   10-APR-2007
Range Rover V6 3.0TD SE  Rs. 7,500,000   10-APR-2007
Range Rover V8 4.4L SE  Rs. 8,500,000   10-APR-2007
Range Rover Sport V8 4.2L Supercharged  Rs. 8,500,000   10-APR-2007
Range Rover V8 4.2L Supercharged  Rs. 9,500,000   10-APR-2007
Range Rover V8 4.4L Vogue  Rs. 9,800,000   10-APR-2007

Lancer 1.3 GL M/T(2007 Facelift)  Rs. 939,000   2-SEP-2007
Lancer 1.6 GLX M/T S/R  Rs. 1,019,000   24-JUL-2007
Lancer 1.6 GLX M/T  Rs. 1,049,000   17-MAR-2008
Lancer 1.3 GLX M/T (2007 Facelift)  Rs. 1,049,000   30-APR-2008
Lancer 1.6 GLX A/T S/R  Rs. 1,099,000   24-JUL-2007
Lancer 1.6 GLX A/T  Rs. 1,109,000   17-MAR-2008
Lancer 1.3 GLX A/T (2007 Facelift)  Rs. 1,109,000   30-APR-2008
L300 (L)  Rs. 1,349,000   30-APR-2008
Galant 2.0 (G) Super Saloon M/T  Rs. 1,500,000   24-JUL-2007
Galant 2.0 (G) Super Saloon A/T  Rs. 1,500,000   24-JUL-2007
Galant 2.5 VR Automatic  Rs. 1,600,000   24-JUL-2007
L200 4x2 2.5L Diesel Double Cabin  Rs. 1,649,000   17-MAR-2008
L300 (DX)  Rs. 1,699,000   30-APR-2008
Galant 2.5 VR Sports Automatic  Rs. 1,700,000   24-JUL-2007
L200 4x4 2.5L Diesel Single Cabin Std GL  Rs. 1,799,000   17-MAR-2008
L200 4x4 2.5L Diesel Single Cabin GL A/C  Rs. 1,849,000   17-MAR-2008
L200 4x4 2.5L Diesel Double Cabin Std GL  Rs. 1,859,000   17-MAR-2008
L200 4x4 2.5L Diesel Double Cabin with A/C GL  Rs. 1,999,000   17-MAR-2008
Galant 2.0 (G) Super Saloon (Diesel) M/T  Rs. 2,299,000   24-JUL-2007
L200 4x4 2.5L TCI Diesel Double Cabin with A/C  Rs. 2,364,000   17-MAR-2008
Pajero GLS M/T D 2800 CC  Rs. 3,749,000   24-JUL-2007
Pajero GLS A/T D 2800 CC  Rs. 3,899,000   24-JUL-2007
Pajero GLS A/T LTD 2800 CC  Rs. 3,999,000   24-JUL-2007
Pajero GLS A/T V6 P 3800 CC  Rs. 4,499,000   24-JUL-2007
Pajero GLS A/T V6 LTD P APP 3800 CC  Rs. 4,599,000   24-JUL-2007

NISSAN  PRICE   Updated On
SUNNY EXS M/T 1300 CC  Rs. 999,000   17-MAR-2008
SUNNY EXS M/T 1300 CC (CNG)  Rs. 1,036,000   17-MAR-2008
SUNNY EXS A/T 1600 CC  Rs. 1,109,000   10-APR-2007
SUNNY SS M/T 1600 CC  Rs. 1,299,000   17-MAR-2008
SUNNY SSA A/T 1600 CC (CNG)  Rs. 1,344,000   17-MAR-2008
SUNNY S.SALOON A/T 1600 CC  Rs. 1,480,000   10-APR-2007
XTRAIL LE.5F PETROL M/T 2500 CC  Rs. 2,480,000   17-MAR-2008
XTRAIL LE PETROL A/T 2500 CC  Rs. 2,512,000   17-MAR-2008
CEFIRO V-6 A/T 2300 CC  Rs. 2,795,000   17-MAR-2008
XTRAIL SLX PETROL A/T 2500 CC  Rs. 2,840,000   17-MAR-2008
XTRAIL SLX DIESEL M/T 2200 CC  Rs. 3,170,000   17-MAR-2008
Patrol 4.8L PETROL M/T  Rs. 4,545,000   17-MAR-2008
Patrol 4.2L D SGL M/T  Rs. 5,015,000   17-MAR-2008
Patrol 4.2L D SGL M/T SUN-ROOF  Rs. 5,198,000   17-MAR-2008
Patrol 3.0L D GRX A/T LOADED  Rs. 5,198,000   17-MAR-2008

Boxter  Rs. 6,483,000   17-MAR-2008
Cayenne V6 Tiptronic  Rs. 6,831,358   7-MAR-2008
Cayman  Rs. 6,977,000   17-MAR-2008
Cayenne  Rs. 7,003,000   17-MAR-2008
Boxter S  Rs. 7,502,000   17-MAR-2008
Cayman S  Rs. 7,908,000   17-MAR-2008
Cayenne S  Rs. 9,082,000   17-MAR-2008
Cayenne GTS  Rs. 10,008,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Carrera  Rs. 10,437,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Carrera 4  Rs. 11,234,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Carrera S  Rs. 11,816,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Carrera Cabriolet  Rs. 11,816,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Targa 4  Rs. 12,275,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Carrera 4S  Rs. 12,611,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet  Rs. 12,611,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Carrera S Cabriolet  Rs. 13,197,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Targa 4S  Rs. 13,652,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet  Rs. 13,988,000   17-MAR-2008
Cayenne Turbo  Rs. 14,213,000   17-MAR-2008
911 GT3  Rs. 14,464,000   17-MAR-2008
911 Turbo  Rs. 17,183,000   17-MAR-2008